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Allow Yourself to Shine

There's a message I really want to share with you. You know when my income completely comes from my handmade jewellery business, sometimes it can be quite scary when the sales aren't that good. During those low times, I would go to those job hunting sites to see if I should find a full time job again.  Headache! It drained me by just seeing those job descriptions, let alone taking it as my FULL TIME job. It's not about my qualification or experience. I know I can find a job if I wanted to. But I had already used about 10 years to prove to myself that being an employee isn't the best for me, why should I use my next...

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How to clean silver? Here's the fast, safe and easy way!

In my Origami Art collection, I folded the jewellery with 999 sterling silver sheet. While they are mostly pure silver without any coating on top, so inevitably it'll be oxidized when you wear it for some time.  Here's the method I use to clean the silver jewellery. The materials required are very basic and the result is excellent!  I filmed the video below with my Cantonese voice over. So let me write the steps here in English: Material: Boiling water, salt and aluminium foil.  Portion of salt and water is 1:5 (or 1:3 also works). Step 1: Boil water. Step 2: Add salt and a piece of aluminium foil into the boiling water. Step 3: Put the oxidized silver item...

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Great things are not done by us, but through us.

No matter how capable you are, I believe in order to succeed we need to have a vision. Without a vision you'll be like energy trapped in chaos, so powerful but without a channel to flow properly. This has been my prayer lately - asking for a grand vision.  One day, I said to God, "Universe is really magnificent. The creation itself is so amazing already, but to run it so precisely is superb! Please God could you let me "feel" how magnificent my life can be so I can have a vision to go for it..." (I always believe that God doesn't give us the thing we asked for directly, but give us the context or environment for us...

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