About Me

 I Despised Jewellery

“Jewellery is not intellectual. It just added extra weight to the body. I’d rather spend on something that makes me smart. I want people to see me, not my jewellery.” 

How I despised jewellery.  

Until one day, I worked in a jewellery company.

I was a sales, but one day after the boss saw me use new color combinations in five bracelet designs, I landed a product development position, and thus I could visit the factory and watch the jewellery productions.

The factory was stuffy and I still remember the smell of sweat from hundreds of people working there. But it’s where I got amazed, better say enlightened.

I was sitting next to the chief lady and she impressed me by making all different jewellery with just a few simple pliers. The greatest tool was her hands. At that time I was the designer, so I would pick the pearls and stones and tell her how I wanted it. And she always would make it happen.

Gradually, I picked up the pliers and started making jewellery. I didn’t earn much salary there, but I earned a solid skill.

Stones, wire, pins, clasps…they don’t look special by themselves, but when they are put together by an artistic and skillful person, they become one extraordinary piece.

I wanted to be that magician – the one that transforms ordinary things into a WOW, by assembling them in a personal and unique way; my way.

My Sympathy to the Less Treasured Stones

I have strong sympathy towards life and things that are less treasured. Like I prefer old animals to lovely young ones when it comes to adoption because they are less popular. Same thing when I choose materials – I tend to be attracted by pearls and stones that are not perfect in people’s eyes.

It may be too sentimental but I want to ... help them? They have their own beauty and usually are not discovered by most people. I believe my talent will bring it out. So you will see a lot of odd shaped, unpolished gemstones in my design.

At the same time, I do like organic shapes because they carry the natural beauty and life energy, and you can never find one that is identical to another. Each baroque shape pearl or organic form gemstone is one of its kind. Like a person. Like you. Having the unique blend of interesting characteristics that cannot be copied.

My Jewellery is the Extension of You

The right jewellery should make people say, “Oh it’s so you!” It makes me very happy when my customers pick up a piece and said, “OMG it’s so me! I gotta get this!” Some even said, “I know this piece is for me. Only I can carry this.”

Yes my jewellery is SO YOU! Because it’s not for everyone.

I hope my jewellery will be an extension of you, instead of just a metal giving you an extra weight from the metal.

It is intellectual. It involves a lot of thinking and skills, and occasionally my strong will to make a less treasured stone transform into a center piece. 


With Much Love,



My Background

I am from Hong Kong and I have a husband to unload my pressure when I am stuck, and three sons to give me the life energy and elevate my appreciation of life. My university major is journalism and I have worked in marketing/PR industry and jewellery industry. Design is my talent and my skills are self-taught by observing and practicing. My spiritual side helps me to view life and the world in a beautiful way. I love life, all life forms, and I want to make things to serve love. I see everything a chapter in my book of life and I will reveal it before I submit it to God. And you will appear in my book if my jewellery touches you.  

If you are still reading now, we are connected ;-)



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