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Product: Origami Rabbit Silver Bracelet

Product: Origami Heart Bracelet

Product: Origami Crane in Oxidized Silver


'I love my new bracelets, they are so unique and perfect! Delivery from Hong Kong to the UK was really quick and Rivor is lovely to deal with. She helped me find the right bracelet length for my wrist. I have my eye on some other of her pieces so no doubt I will be placing another order soon'

Tabitha Boydell, Preston, United Kingdom


So pretty !!!!

Wendy Leung, Hong Kong
Product: http://www.greenrivor.com/collections/earrings/products/crumbled-paper-ball-stud-earring 


 大大大愛!個心真係用「銀」紙摺出黎架 @greenrivor

Kathy Chung, Hong Kong
Product: http://www.greenrivor.com/collections/necklaces/products/paper-folded-heart-sterling-silver-pendant 


I received your products la and posted in my fb to share with my friends too. ^^  I really love your design, please keep it up!  ;)

Suzanne Ng, Hong Kong 
Product: http://www.greenrivor.com/collections/bracelets/products/mother-earth-bracelet-raw-multicolor-crystal-and-green-pearl

Talent can be vague, untouchable and unmeasurable. But, all these descriptions definitely cannot be applied to Rivor,  an undeniable talented jewelry-making magician. Rivor can translate her talent into an object.  She knows you, she knows how to make you feel sparkling, she knows how to make you be outstanding inside a crowd…

Her work is not goaded by commercial value, but completely from her heart – all of her works are heart-driven. Everything can be the essence of her art works – broken glasses, unused lights component, and even a piece of wire. 

Brenda Chan, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

My First Date with Green Rivor

As passing by a tiny booth at K-11, several pairs of earrings attracted my eyes and took my breath away. The charms of the pieces melt me completely. I got panic because I found difficulties to make decisions which pair I should pick. Since then, I am a Green Rivor’s fanatic.
Be aesthetic. Be bold. Be inspirational. These are the attributes Green Rivor’s brand represents. These are also the images I pursuit. Since then, we are happily together!

Winnie Tang, Shatin, Hong Kong

Rivor is a very friendly designer. Her product is so unique which always give me surprise. Her products could be worn everyday, no matter it's a daily working day, casual weekends or evening party. I am looking forward to seeing more new design from Rivor.
Helen Lau, Kowloon, Hong Kong
I first encountered Green Rivor at Island East Markets three years ago, where my eyes were glued to the beautiful jewelleries at the stall. I was greeted by Rivor who was very friendly and patient in introducing her handmade products to me. Ever since, I've been making numerous purchases of Rivor's products either in person or online purchase. My collection of Rivor's products now ranges from the special wiring earrings which are suitable for smart casual, while the elegant pearl bracelets and necklaces are always good to wear for business and special occasions. 

I am still in love with every single product that I purchased from Green Rivor as the styles and qualities of the products are very long-lasting!

Josephine Hui, Melbourne, Australia

I still recall how Rivor was busying around when I saw her the first time in K-11. Busy because she was just that kind of engaging person. She is passionate about her own work of art. You always have a good time trying her pieces and talking about art, travel, family and life. Her best pieces that I have from her are the earrings made with a pair crystals from a chandelier she found in a Paris flea market. I love the color, history of the chandelier and the creative transformation by Rivor.

My friends and I are always excited to wait for Rivor’s next page of jewelry business. We look forward to seeing more her innovation and masterpieces. All the best.

Helen Kwok, Hong Kong

Some says jewellery is a fashion that comes and goes. But Rivor's handcrafted beauty is an exception. Her style speaks for itself - uniqueness and elegance. And more you know about Rivor, more you find out her secret of beauty. She's not only putting on her own designs to make her sparkling, but also wearing the most beautiful things - confidence and love.
Simmy Lam, Hong Kong


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