Great things are not done by us, but through us.

November 11, 2015

Great things are not done by us, but through us.

No matter how capable you are, I believe in order to succeed we need to have a vision. Without a vision you'll be like energy trapped in chaos, so powerful but without a channel to flow properly. This has been my prayer lately - asking for a grand vision. 

One day, I said to God, "Universe is really magnificent. The creation itself is so amazing already, but to run it so precisely is superb! Please God could you let me "feel" how magnificent my life can be so I can have a vision to go for it..." (I always believe that God doesn't give us the thing we asked for directly, but give us the context or environment for us to create what we wanted. That's what a parent does :-)


"You, yourself is a Universe." A thought came to my mind.

I believe it's a beginning of an answer. And I'm right, the thought continued.

"A Universe is sophisticated. But then, look at yourself, and how your body functions? It is as complicated as a Universe and it has to be functioned so accurately in order to "make it work". There are many calculations in your body design and so, you are as magnificent as a Universe.

So live your life parallel to the Universe because you are as powerful as it. Do magnificent work. Aim at things that are more "difficult", do things you are meant to do (I'll take care of the rest). I'll show you what you called "Magnificence" through you. I created both the Universe and You, and what I can do through Universe, I can do the same through you too."

This is certainly not a message to me only, but to every human being who has a mind and body, which is a smaller version of, but as complicated and grand as, a Universe.

Great things are not done by us, but through us. Just look at the Universe and you know you also possess the unlimited potentials to do things much grander than you can imagine. 


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