Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Green Rivor's new website! I am so happy the website is finally launched today. Every word and picture are my blood and soul and I hope you will share my passion too! I have put a lot of time and effort to every detail of the website, though I cannot say it's perfect, but, THIS IS THE RIVOR'S PIECE OF WORK ;-D

I will be sharing a lot of my ideas and inspirations here from now on and hopefully videos too! If you have not subscribed my newsletter yet, please do! You will find the subscription box at the bottom of every page in the website. I will send out my snack size letter to you through email about twice a month and from there, we can start exchanging our thoughts no matter it is for design, art, life, or just a chitty chat!

You will also receive a special discount for your first purchase by signing up, so Go-go-go! 

Again, thank you for dropping by and share my excitements! Love reaching out to you! 


Much love, 


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