Origami Rabbit Matte Silver Sand Bracelet

A wonderful jewellery for rabbit lovers! This handmade matte silver rabbit bracelet is composed by numerous irregular shape sterling silver beads with matte finishing. Each bead has a faceted surface that reflects the light in different directions, so when all the beads are put together, the various reflections makes this bracelet very attractive and glittering. 

The handmade origami rabbit is made with sterling silver, sharing the same structure as a paper-folded rabbit, so details of the artwork is clearly seen. The clasp is a traditional silver hook clasp which I adore as it has a touch of vintage style. Very secure too. 


Available in 16cm, 17cm and 18cm.

If you need it longer than 18cm, you may select 18+5cm. What it means is that I'll add a 5cm chain at the clasp area, so the bracelet can be served up to 23cm, depends on where you close the clasp. 

Production Time:

This products needs 7-10 production days (not incl shipping days). However if you need it earlier for a special occasion, please kindly email me to smile@greenrivor.com and we can communicate from there. 


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