In November 2018, we've created a collection One Earth for All to arouse the awareness to animals that suffered from serious deforestation and marine pollution. 10% of the sales proceeds is donated to Friends of the Earth.

One Earth for All Collection:

 I designed Origami Rabbit jewellery for Hong Kong Rabbit Society in 2015 as charitable items. HKRS has been helping many abandoned rabbits since 2003 and with its no-kill policy, the organisation has been facing huge financial burden. For every rabbit jewellery sold, 10% of the sales proceed will be donated to them. Associated products including:




Below are the donations record:

Donation from Feb - April 2016: HK$1194

Donation in Jan 2016: HK$440

Donation in Dec 2015: HK$1365.37

Donation from Sep - Nov 2015: HK$2000

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