Big Matchstick Star Necklace in Sterling Silver / Toothpick Star Silver Necklace / Silver Star Necklace / Christmas Star Necklace

Star Necklace in Sterling Silver / Toothpick Star Silver Necklace / Match Stick Star / Silver Star Necklace / Matchstick Star Necklace

When I was a kid I like to use toothpick to make a star and put it into the tea and watched it float, while waiting for the adults to finish their meal. This star is my childhood memory and I hope it will recall your childhood happiness too. 

Made in sterling silver the star design is like you are using toothpick to make it, so each stroke is clearly seen.

925 sterling silver
Rose gold plated 925 sterling silver

Star size: approx 2cm X 2cm 

/Necklace length/

For smaller matchstick star necklace, please click here: Small Matchstick Star Necklace

..................... Production and Packaging ......................

/Production time/
Around 10-15 working days, not including weekends and public holidays. If it is urgent, please contact me and we’ll see if we have available stock to ship out immediately.

/Shipping days/
Asia usually between 2-7 days. International is between 7-14 days. For more details please kindly contact me.

Free hard and thick paper jewellery box with black velvet sponge inside. Box cover carries Green Rivor logo of three girls playing under a tree.

.............................. Shipping Method ..............................

Free shipping for local or international.

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1. Hong Kong Post Registered Post (Free Shipping)

2. SF Express (Free Shipping)

If you choose to use SF, please write the following info at the "address" area:

-Write down "SF Express"
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For Taiwan residents, you are required to register EZ Way to use SF service from oversea. Please kindly write down your ID number at the address or name area as required by SF.  

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